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T-System Sees Swelling Demand for its Hosted Healthcare Solutions

Hosting helping to cut costs, streamline IT processes, and increase security at emergency departments and freestanding emergency care centers
DALLAS – October 26, 2017 - BusinessWire – Healthcare facilities looking to deliver more care on tighter budgets are racing to the cloud, as evidenced by the surge of providers choosing hosted solutions from T-System, Inc. More than 70 percent of T-System’s new contracts are for cloud-based services, including the EV™ emergency department information system (EDIS) and EV™ for Physicians solution; the company’s new T Sheets® EVolvED solution is 100-percent hosted.

By choosing hosted solutions, emergency departments (EDs) and freestanding emergency centers (FSECs) can streamline IT processes, cut costs and increase security while redirecting dollars to patient care.

T-System’s hosted platform also provides EDs and FSECs geographic redundancy of servers and business continuity services, vital elements delivering significant value to healthcare facilities, especially those with limited IT staff. T-System’s hosted solutions are hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, which is known for its strict security and compliance standards.

Dosher Memorial Hospital, a critical access hospital in Southport, North Carolina, recently migrated its T-System EV solution to the hosted model.

“We moved our T-System EV solution to the cloud because we realized how much it will streamline our IT processes, freeing up technology and financial resources,” said Ken Worley, director of IT for Dosher Memorial Hospital. “The cloud platform’s biggest benefit will emerge from our technology team having more time to focus on other clinician- and client-facing technologies, instead of system and server maintenance.”

The cloud migration has also enhanced how the hospital’s emergency department uses the EV solution.

“After working with T-System for several years, starting with T Sheets then moving to EV, the cloud platform is another way T-System is expanding how we’re using technology to improve care documentation and delivery,” said JoAnn Turzer-Commesso, director of emergency services for Dosher Memorial Hospital. “The cloud platform migration has been completely seamless for our clinicians, and I strongly advise other emergency departments to move to the cloud as it’s clearly the best choice to ensure our technology is available to clinicians.”

Hosting cuts upfront costs because healthcare facilities need to buy less hardware and pay only for the solutions and server capacity they need. This scalability is especially valuable to the FSEC market where providers often want to dynamically scale server capacity. Hosted solutions also reduce technical support burdens because T-System, not the healthcare provider’s staff, handles software updates, upgrades, patches and other routine IT activities.

“Emergency departments and freestanding emergency centers want to deliver the best care possible, while T-System supports them by delivering technology that helps clinicians spend more time with patients,” said Hank Hikspoors, chief technology officer for T-System “We are excited to see many customers choosing our cloud-based solutions because healthcare providers who focus more resources on the patient are creating a competitive advantage for themselves.”

T-System will be exhibiting during the upcoming American College of Emergency Physicians Scientific Assembly, ACEP17, Oct. 29 through Nov. 1 in Washington D.C. T-System representatives will be in booth #1147 to discuss EV and other solutions and how they are helping improve emergent care and delivery.

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T-System is a healthcare IT company that advances care delivery and financial outcomes for episodic care. Specializing in emergency department documentation since 1996, T-System has since expanded its focus to include the development of innovative solutions for the rapidly expanding episode-based care market, including hospital-based emergency departments (EDs), freestanding emergency centers and urgent care centers. Through clinically-driven services and documentation solutions as well as charge capture and coding solutions, T-System solves clinical, financial and operational challenges for our clients. About 40 percent of the nation’s hospital-based EDs, freestanding emergency centers and urgent care centers use T-System to improve the clinical encounter, including the documentation of the patient visit as well as the downstream outcomes related to that event. For additional information about T-System, please visit

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